Why Do Corporations Engage in LGBT Rights Activism?

Maks-Solomon, Cory, and Josiah Mark Drewry. “Why Do Corporations Engage in LGBT Rights Activism? LGBT Employee Groups as Internal Pressure Groups.” Business and Politics. Published online ahead of print, September 2, 2020. http://doi.org/10.1017/bap.2020.5.

  • This research was presented at the 2018 APSA annual conference, the winter 2019 NCAPSA workshop, and the 2019 AOM annual conference.
  • In the Social Issues in Management section of the 2019 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, this paper received the Best Student Paper Award.
  • Pre-publication draft of the paper is available here. And the appendix is available here.
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Companies with LGBT employee resource groups (ERG) are more likely to engage in LGBT rights activism. However, this relationship is conditional upon employee education: only in highly-educated workforces are LGBT employees willing and able to use their ERGs to convince managers to engage in activism.